Creating Arabic copy with attitude

Hello/ Marhba!

I am Nehad. My friends call me Noon!

I am an English into Arabic marketing translator, proofreader, copywriter, and culture consultant.

Since 2011, I have invested my marketing knowledge and writing skills into helping brands of all shapes and sizes deliver genuine and compelling Arabic copy that connects with their Arab readers and drives them into action.

Let me help you grow your business further

I am Nehad, the brain and the heart behind Noon Translations. I am a mum to two wild spirited kids, a book lover since I can remember, and an adventurous cook who adapts recipes from everywhere – with an Arab twist.

I grew up in Egypt where I learnt the language and got my early exposure to the culture with all its intricacy. In 2005, my love of the written word led me to study language further and pursued a formal education in translation in one of the most prestigious universities in Egypt: Alexandria University.

Fast forward to 2011, I moved to England and developed marketing knowledge through a challenging role as an Arabic editor in a London-based transcreation agency. There, I had also my first encounter translating for the luxury markets and learnt how to adapt the message and the tone to the target clientele.

A few years later, I gained more experience in the creative and automotive industries. Since 2014, I have collaborated with brands in the following fields: automotive, luxury mobile phones, cosmetics, tourism, food, luxury hospitality and luxury fashion brands targeting Arabic speaking audience, mainly in KSA and UAE.

Let me promote your business in the Arab markets.

I wear many hats

Website Translation

I persuade your web visitors to press the ‘add to basket’ button.


I roll up my sleeves and mix the culture with the language to make your brand sound truly, authentically Arab.

Marketing Translation

Your brochure wins the attention of your target Arab audience.

Editing & Proofreading

I sort out your brand’s copy before it goes live.

Culture Consulting

No shame. No bad fame. I check how your contents fit the local culture.

Arabic Copywriting

I turn your ideas into words that tell your brand’s story.

A wealth of experience

I can help you sell your products, convince your clients to take action, or make your message appeal to a bigger audience. Over the years, I have developed expertise in the following areas:

Website localization

Digital marketing

Food and gastronomy

Luxury brands

Travel and Hospitality

Fashion and lifestyle

Need something unique?

The skill set


With millions of words translated and hundreds of happy customers, my eyes are trained to flag and solve any potential issues that can negatively affect your communication with your target Arab audience.

In-field knowledge

10 years of experience and still counting. I work on what I know best and marketing is one of them.

Excellent customer service

I do not just sell you a service. I am always here to answer your questions, provide suggestions, flag issues, and ensure that your text is good to go on time.


Looking for a reliable UK based Arabic marketing translator?