Step 1: Get in touch

As soon as you decide the nature of the service you need, you can send me a request and share as much detail as you can, either through the contact form or direct email.

Step 2: How can I help?

Based on your information, I will respond within 24 hours, probably less, with a quote detailing all relevant information that can help you make an informed decision.

Step 3: Assign the job

Once you give the go-ahead, work starts. I do my research, follow your brief and deliver in the agreed format along with any additional comments from my side, all with a smile.

This depends on the length of the text, my schedule, and the creativity level required in the copy.

Speedy delivery is also available for an additional charge.

Like most professional linguists, I only work into my mother tongue language, which is Arabic in my case. However, I have a trusted network of colleagues who cover a variety of other languages. I would be happy to suggest other professionals who can look after your text.

I offer clients flexible payment methods that include: Bank transfer and PayPal.

You can always contact through the contact form or emails. I am keen to get back to you as soon as possible or within 24 hours maximum. If I am out of office hours or busy in a meeting, you will always receive an automatic reply to indicate when you should expect a reply.

I translate and write copies in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is the official Arabic language used in the news, media and publications. MSA is widely used and understood across the Arab region, which eliminate the need for using other local dialects that can exclude certain ethnicities.

If you are keen on using local dialect as a mean of communication, as in the case of TV commercials, I can produce copies in Egyptian Arabic, the most popular Arabic dialect across the Arab world. I speak Egyptian Arabic fluently (native Egyptian) and conscious of the cultural and language subtlety.